Film Coating Microlex®  Cellulose esters HPMC & HPMCP developed and designed for the formulation of medicines

. Microlex® HML C2910

. Microlex® HML C2906

. Microlex® HML C2208

. Microlex® HML P200

. Microlex® HML P220


. Properties:

. Controlled by changing the phthalyl content.

. Suitable grade for particular purposes

. Selected in accordance with the properties and formulations of the product

. Higher molecular weight and higher resistance to simulated gastric fluid

. High degree of polymerisation

. Higher viscosity solution for more mechanical strenght of film

. Higher resistance of the coating formulation to simulated gastric fluid

. Effective in reducing the amount of coating


. Applications:

. Film coating of tablets

. Enteric coating of tablets

. Sustained release

. Delayed release

. Palate coating material

. Advantages of film coating:

. Enhancement of palatability by masking unpleasant tastes or objectionable odours

. Ease of ingestion/swallowing

. Improvement of product appearance

. Protection of tablets from light, oxidation & moisture

. Increasing the perception of superior product efficacy

. Compliance

. European Pharmacopoeia

. USP / NF

. Japanese Pharmacopoeia

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