Microlex®  Mannitols cover arange of demands in the

pharmaceutical industry


. Mannitols

Developed and designed for the formulation of medicines


. Microlex® MLP 520 series

. Microlex®MLP 520 25.µ

. Microlex®MLP 520 50.µ

. Microlex®MLP 520 180.µ

. A unique blend of exceptional physical and chemical stability

. Great organoleptic, non-cariogenic, sugar-free properties

. The key to a wide range of oral applications

. Use in different processes wet or dry granulation

. Direct compression, compaction or freeze-drying

. Description

White crystalline powder

. Compliance

. European Pharmacopoeia

. USP / NF

. Japanese Pharmacopoeia

. Applications

. Diluent for tablets, capsules and sachets

. Excipient for chemically unstable or moisture-sensitive actives

. Freeze-drying carrier

. Excipient of choice for flash release forms

. Sweetener for pharmaceutical chewing gum


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