-Coated tablets

-Effervescent tablets

-Chewable/Oral dispersible tablets

-Capsules, Powders, Granules, Sachets

-Non Direct-Compression tablets


Product families





-Pharma compounded excipients




         Excipients are proven effective in helping
             manufacturers worldwide create high-quality
               pharmaceutical    products  in  the  most   commonly
                used    dosage   forms.       Microlex®     processed
               pharmaceutical  performance  excipients  support the
              kind    of     formulation     flexibility      that        helps 
           pharmaceutical     manufacturers     the     world      over
      bring products  to market faster.

Solid dosage forms

Microlex® expertise turns nature to advantage in a multitude of pharmaceutical applications. Simplifies direct-compression processes and reduces production costs for a wide range of oral dosage forms using the range of Microlex® pharmaceutical performance excipients. Our products are focused on performance that can give you a competitive edge. We offer process intermediates, buffers, nutrients and inorganic excipients to maximize efficiency and productivity, plus high-functioning co-processed excipients for formulation flexibility that increases consumer appeal.


Functional properties

- Binder for wet granulation

- Carriers for spray drying or freeze drying

- Disintegrants & superdisintegrants

- Fillers or diluents

- Fillers or diluents

- Film coating

- Hard-pan coating

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