A new organized Professional & Smart Supply-Chain in the Pharmaceutical and Health Laboratory fields, to serve the Research Institute, Students, and Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Laboratories to have their needs in a ONE DELIVERY instate of many time order placements from different sorces like: 


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Enjoy our Micro-Labor®  Proffesional Supply-Chain Services 


Microlex started develope and designs of:
for Pharmaceutical Industry according to cGMP, FDA facilities
to Provide CEP EDQM, EUDMF, EUFSC documentations.
Microlex MCL ® 100
Particle size distribution  (Air jet sieve) 
Typical values
A spray-dried compound containing 75 % α-lactose monohydrate [Ph.Eur./USP-NF/JP] and 25 % microcrystalline cellulose [Ph.Eur./USP-NF/JP] dry matter. Both filling properties of lactose and binding capacity of MCC have been synergistically coprocessed to an one-body excipient providing better tableting performance at lower cost.
<  32 µm: ≤ 15 %
< 160 µm: 45-70 %
< 250 µm: ≥ 90 %
Density poured [g/l]: 500
Density tapped [g/l]: 588

Under Developmen
  • Esomeprazole  Pellet  8.5%
  • Pantoperazole Pellet 15%
  • Venlafaxine HCL Pellet  39%
  • Paracetamol DC 325 & 500mg      
  • Ibuprofen DC 200 & 400mg                        





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